et donc, je me suis trouvé en vous

I want it to be new again.

Because lately it feels stale,
like discolored bread and neither of us
really wants it.

Lately it feels like the world 
tilted on it’s axis and our watches
didn’t synchronize to the same time.
That’s what i tell myself,
that’s why our smiles never seem to match up
and i find it difficult to talk to you.
Maybe your mind is in tomorrow,
maybe you’ve already lived this
it’s raining and that’s why you’re looking
out the window although from my angle
all i see is blue.

I don’t know how to get it back though,
you don’t outlive people the same way
you out-run your shoes or
break the stitches in your clothing.
They just aren’t as clever anymore,
all the words get spoken.

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